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TO-MERA, is a U.K.-based (South Oxfordshire) dark progressive metal band fronted by former WITHOUT FACE vocalist Julie Kiss. The band was founded in 2005 and plays a technical style of metal characterized by long songs, multiple time changes and jazz interludes.


After Julie Kiss had left the Hungarian band Without Face, she founded, along with Lee Barrett (formerly with: Extreme Noise Terror, Disgust, Mussolini Headkick), the band To-Mera with the intention to employ a dark and atmospheric metal music style with influences from classical music and jazz,

As the group was complete a first demo was published in June 2005, which got very positive reviews and caught the attention of the record label Candlelight Records. The resulting debut album Transcendental appeared in September 2006 at Candlelight Records and was praised for his ingenuity and high playful skills.

After a few line-up changes, the album Delusions was published in February 2008, which is stylistically very similar to the debut album and which also received positive feedback from the press.

The word 'To-Mera' seemingly refers to Lower Egypt (as the “Land of the Pyramids”) but this translation is disputed. The band opted for the name, because of their fascination (esp. Julie Kiss) with the ancient Egypt culture.

Lower Egypt is the northernmost region of Egypt, including the Nile Delta. Lower Egypt was known as Ta-Mehu which means "land of papyrus."

Upper Egypt is the strip of land, on both sides of the Nile valley, that extends between Aswan (in ancient times Nubia), and the south of Cairo (or Memphis, located 20 km south of Cairo). In Predynastic Egypt (ca. 4400–3000 BC), the Naqada culture was based in this region (named for the town of Naqada; located 40 km north of Luxor).


The music of To-Mera is marked by Julie Kiss' insistent voice, heavy guitar riffs and emotional lyrics. In addition, most of the songs are very long and have a complex structure with diverse style jumps. The music style is influenced by bands like Symphony X, Opeth, Pain of Salvation and Dream Theater.

The song "Blood" from the album Transcendental.


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